1. Finalist

    Thank you so much for this opportunity Under Armour! I am so very excited to speak with you soon! And congratulations to all the other finalists, including Michael Dowling and Amelia Green-Vamos! 

    I WILL Protect this House,


    KKvas for UA

  2. Choices:

    My thought process while I wrote this blog was simple. I wanted to have the underlying theme of being the “underdog,” coming from a small school on a small budget. So I named the blog “Under my Armour,” as a start to my underdog theme, but also as a representation of what kind of posts I wanted to incorporate into my blog. I wanted to have a lot of writing involving Under Armour products and endorsees, so I thought the name fit.

    When I began blogging in the semi-finalist round, I wanted to focus on two things: SUPERCAM and writing. And I did. SUPERCAM became my life for the next week. I took pictures, posted promotions, and did everything I could to promote the contest. And I participated in it myself.

    As for writing, I wanted to have blogs about underdog comebacks, cool Under Armour gear, some creative and unique writing pieces, and some pieces about where I was from, just so Under Armour could get a feel for my writing voice, personality and background. I really just wanted to show my passion for writing, so I wrote. And wrote. And wrote. I wrote an average of five to ten blogs a day, giving me a grand total of 78 posts. This will be my 79th, and probably my last.

    I also wanted to prove I could work well with a team. So I collaborated with UA Ultimate Intern designer Alisha Bube and photographer Manuela Marin-Salcedo. I also wrote some creative pieces about tennis matches, our practices and being a division one athlete at a small school.

    I promoted myself. I gained supporters. I fought hard, and I worked even harder. It’s been a tough but incredible journey, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

             My heart screams, I want this! But my mind is calm and clear

             I am ready.” – Kathryn Kvas, from the blog post “I WILL…”


    Who will Protect this House…Kathryn Kvas WILL.


    Stay humble and hungry,

    KKvas for UA.

  3. At a glance…

    Copy-writing: Kvas/Marin-Salcedo Under Armour Photo Shoot

                           Alisha Bube ColdBlack collaboration 

    Twitter: Crystal Langhorne RT

    SUPERCAM summary: Click here.

    Social Media Overview: Click here. 

    More writing: Well, it’s all over the place. But, here’s a few examples:

    More “news style” writing: Kevin Plank Tribute.

    Big East conference head coach of the year. 

    Loyola Maryland

    More “blog” writing: Maria Shishkina

    Black out the sun

    More creative: Contributor’s Note

    I will Protect this House and make it count

    The Final Hour

    The Same Old Game

    Recommendations: click here.

    Unofficial Resume: Click here.

    Unofficial Transcript: Click here. 

    Thank you! I hope you enjoy all my writing pieces, promotions and collaborations! 

    I WILL…Protect this HOUSE.
    KKvas for UA.  

  4. The Final Hour

    It seems, my dear rivals, that we have reached the final hour.

    And very soon, our fate will no longer be in our power.

    As time ticks away, our frantic fingers type

    Searching for words, and trying to write

    So put on your armour and be ready to fight

    Because we all know…that the battle ends at midnight

  5. Acknowledgements

    Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me; to everyone who has put me one “like”, tweet, pin or post closer to getting my dream internship.

    That includes my friends, family, St. Bonaventure University, the journalism school (and all its professors), the marketing school (and all their professors), my teammates and coaches, Manu Marin-Salcedo (Under Armour photo shoot photographer), Alisha Bube (my UA collaboration partner) and of course, everyone who gave me those RTs!

    Thank you all for helping me to pursue my dreams. It means so much to me.

    I promise to stay humble and hungry. And as for protecting house…oh, you know I WILL.

    KKvas for UA. 

  6. Never underestimate your opponents

    I haven’t. They are all fierce competitors, and I am so humbled to be standing next to these people in the semi-finals. But I knew it was going to be tough going into this, so I gave everything I had. Every blog, every tweet, every Facebook promotion was deliberately sent out to put me one step ahead of my opponents.

    Through this competition, however, I also gained an ally. Alisha Bube, an Ultimate Intern designer from University of Wisconsin Stout, agreed to collaborate with me and create a unique advertising piece for Under Armour’s ColdBlack technology. Combining my writing skills with her passion for design, we created the unique ad that can be seen on my blog!

    So far, it’s been an amazing ride. But it’s not over yet. I still have an hour and a half to go!

    Protect this house…I WILL.

    KKvas for UA. 


             Why Under Armour. There are just so many reasons. But okay, I’ll narrow it down to three:

    One, I’ve worn UA ever since I picked up my first tennis racket.

    Two, it has its priorities straight: UA’s committed to helping athletes perform better, rather than just focusing on looks.

    And three: because Under Armour sponsors the best athletes and sells the best gear. And I want to work for the best company out there.

             “That’s great,” Under Armour might say, “but why do we want you?”

             Okay, why me. Again, I’ll boil it down to three reasons:

    One, I’m a division one athlete, meaning I’m a team player. I wake up early, work hard, and do whatever it takes to succeed.

    Two, I’m a writer: Through my writing internships with an online magazine (interviewing the Goo Goo Dolls and Juno-award winning Canadian artist Lights was the coolest part)  and with the Medavie Blue Cross insurance company (helping organize the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s fundraiser was an awesome experience), and being a journalism major has made me a strong and accurate writer. And I love writing more than anything, which always helps.  

    And three: I want this more than anyone else, and I won’t stop until I get it. I have been collaborating, promoting, but most importantly, I’ve been writing. All day Long.

    Humble and hungry,

    KKvas for UA.

    Protect this House…I WILL.

  8. Thank you everyone for supporting me thus far! Knowing that I have such amazing people around me is so humbling. I WILL Protect this House!

    Who wants it the most? I DO!

    Humble and hungry,
    KKvas for UA.

  9. Social Media. Summarized.

    Facebook: My Facebook page was a complete success in terms of gaining SUPERCAM publicity, gaining support, and promoting my pins, Tumblr writing pieces and tweets! And of course, getting more Under Armour publicity! I also was able to promote my Kvas Marin-Salcedo Under Armour photo shoot on my page, and got a lot of support and feedback from that. In total, I reached out to over 20 different countries, was promoted by 22 people, and had a reached 1,245 people weekly! And, in total, I have 24,164 friends of my supporters who were able to see my page! 

    Twitter: @kkvass. My Twitter was also a great way to promote myself through some huge Under Armour athletes. Crystal Langhorne even gave me an RT to an audience of 4500 people! I also threw in a ton of SUPERCAM promotion tweets, too. And of course, it was a great way for my school to support me. I had a few alumni give me RTs and send me encouraging messages, too. Twitter also really helped me promote my Facebook page and Tumblr blogs, so my Tumblr posts did not go unheard!

    Pinterest: Pinterest was a great way to promote SUPERCAM, new UA gear, and some snippets of writing from my blog. My SUPERCAM promotion pin was re-pinned, and then re-pinned from there, and then again. And again. 23 times in total. It still baffles me how much exposure social media can give you. And this Ultimate Intern process has really helped me appreciate that.

    And lastly, Tumblr: Tumblr has held my resume, posts, pictures, quotes, blogs, videos, recommendations, and articles. In a way, it holds my soul in this internship. I have made over 60 posts on Tumblr so far (still more to come, though!)

    Who wants this the most? I DO! 

    Protect this House…I WILL.

    KKvas for UA. 

  10. My SUPERCAM efforts:

    I can definitely vouch for myself when I say that I have been relentlessly promoting and taking pictures for the SUPERCAM contest. And I have the pictures to prove it! I even racked up more than 9,000 points playing SUPERCAM myself. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

    And my efforts haven’t gone unheard, either. My Tweets, Facebook postings, pictures, pins and blogs have reached over 30,000 people in 20 different countries! 

    Who wants this the most? I do!

    Humble and hungry,

    Kathryn Kvas for UA.

  11. A Tribute to Kevin Plank - The man behind it all

    Kevin Plank, a walk-on football player for the University of Maryland, always cared more about entrepreneurship than football. After Plank graduated, he started the Under Armour brand from his grandmother’s townhouse, and invested so much money into Under Armour that he went broke in 1997.

    But look where he is now.

    Kevin Plank is an inspiration. In an article by, Plank spoke about September 1996, when an equipment manager for the Atlanta Falcons called him.

    Plank relayed the story: “He said, ‘Hey…I love the product. Do you make the shirts in long sleeve?’ My response was, ‘Of course we make it in long sleeve.’ Then I get in my car, drive to the contractor, and try to figure out how to make the shirts in long sleeve.”

    Plank never gave up. He wanted to create a product that made athletes better. He said, “Our model is getting to the athletes — supplying them with great product that helps them perform better.” 

    Well, he’s certainly right about that. And his products continue to get to the athletes, providing them with sporting apparel that doesn’t prioritize fashion over performance.

    Kevin Plank’s success story really says something about the Under Armour brand and what it stands for. The brand’s passion, persistence, and innovation is evident in the brand’s unique products.

    And the man who stands behind it all makes it this way. 

  12. St. Bonaventure coach Jim Crowley named national coach of the year

    The U.S Basketball Writer’s Association named St. Bonaventure’s head coach Jim Crowley the Women’s National Coach of the Year. This is a huge honor for the St. Bonaventure community, who have been supporting the women’s basketball team and coach Crowley since day one. Crowley was also named coach of the year by the Atlantic 10. 

    Crowley made history this year, leading his team to leave a perfect 14-0 mark in the A-10 conference, the first time in the program’s history. This is Crowley’s second coach of the year award from the A-10 conference, and his first national coach of the year award. 

    Congratulations Crowley, it is a well-deserved accomplishment.

  13. Say cheese, and pose for the Cam!

    A year ago, the unstoppable Caroline Panthers football star Cam Newton began his sponsorship with Under Armour. It was the largest deal ever given to an NFL rookie, surpassing one million dollars a year.

    Today, Under Armour’s marketing campaign for Cam Newton is in full gear. And, as tribute to Cam’s popular “Superman” pose, the company started a SUPERCAM competition on their Facebook page. 

    The contest challenges Facebook users to upload pictures of themselves doing the SUPERCAM pose in different places - the more pictures you upload, the more points you get. The winner gets a flight for two to see the 2012 NFL draft.

    The contest has taken off, and everyone from kids under ten to adults over eighty have taken part in it. Mostly because it’s fun. I already have over 9000 points doing it! Once you start, it’s hard to stop. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Start competing today by following this link: